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Wrapped in pita bread or served on plate.
Wrap contains house salad and tahini sauce. Plate includes rice, house salad and pita bread

chef inspired
Served on plate.
Plate includes rice, house salad and pita bread.

beef shawarma    Wrap 5   Salad 7.25   Plate 8.75
Slices of sirloin beef seasoned and grilled rotisserie style

chicken shawarma    Wrap 5   Salad 7   Plate 8.50
Slices of chicken breast seasoned and grilled rotisserie style

half & half combo    Plate 8.99
Make your own combo... Choose any two of the following:
Beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Kabob,
Shish Kabob, Kefta Kabob, Chicken Cream Chop, Falafel

kefta kabob    Wrap 5   Salad 7.25   Plate 8.75
Juicy skewer of seasoned ground sirloin beef charbroiled to perfection. Plate comes with 2 skewers

shish kabob    Wrap 5.50   Salad 7.75   Plate 9.50
Charbroiled cubes of beef. Plate comes with 2 skewers

chicken kabob    Wrap 5   Salad 7   Plate 8.50
Juicy cubes of boneless chicken breast charbroiled to perfection.
Plate comes with 2 skewers

falafel    Wrap 4.50   Salad 6.75   Plate 7.25
Crispy patties of chickpeas lightly fried in 0 trans fats oil

wild cheese steak    Bread/Wrap 5.95
Beef shawarma with grilled onions and peppers topped with
melted provolone cheese and served on french bread or
wrapped in pita

combination    Plate 9.75
Combination of Kefta Kabob, Beef Shawarma and Chicken Kabob
Sub Shish Kabob for Chicken Kabob   add 1.50
Any extra skewer   add 2.50

vegetarian combination    Plate 7.75
Combination of Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Falafel, and Taboule

kubba    Plate 11
Flat disc of cracked bulgur stuffed with seasoned minced beef, raisins, and almonds

chicken cream chop    Plate 8.75
Breaded boneless chicken breast seasoned and lightly fried in
0 trans fats oil

salmon    Plate 12
Grilled Salmon filet with lemon sauce

catfish    Plate 12
Grilled Catfish topped with tomato veggie sauce

lamb shank    Plate 12
Braised lamb shank served with homemade stew

cornish hen    Plate 12
Marinated and grilled cornish hen



hummus    Reg 3   Lg 5
Cooked chickpeas mashed and blended with tahini, olive oil, salt,
and garlic

baba ghannouj    Reg 3.25   Lg 5.50
Baked eggplants mashed and mixed with tahini, olive oil, parsley

taboule    Reg 3   Lg 5
Mix of chopped parsley, onions, and tomatoes

fetoush salad       one size 5.25
Mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and crisp pita bread chips

jajig       one size 5
Yogurt salad prepared with homemade yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers and mint flakes

falafel    (3pcs) 2   (6pcs) 3.50
Crispy patties of chickpeas lightly fried in 0 trans fats oil

lentil soup    one size 3
Homemade vegetarian soup

soda    Fountain 1.75   Can 1
Free refills on fountain drinks

yogurt drink    Bottle 2
1 pint bottles

rice    one size 1.50
Bowl of homemade rice

pita bread    .55
Each of our delicious pita bread

falafel    .75
Each piece

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